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    White House.gov

    Recent: Presidential Nominations Sent to the Senate
    NOMINATIONS SENT TO THE SENATE: Cassandra Q. Butts, of the District of Columbia, to be Ambassador…
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    Toronto Star | TheStar.com

    Recent: Where is the leadership on the Gardiner?: James
    On the Gardiner Expressway , we have more talk — this time in the form of independent (we assume) analysis …
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    POLITICO.com: Pit Boss

    Recent: DSCC fights back against AFP
    Morning Score: The committee will outline why the conservative group's latest ad buys will
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    Reason Magazine

    Recent: Hey! Kids! Leave Those Teachers Alone!
    If you or I are doing a bad job, we can generally be fired.Certain procedures might have to be followed; …
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    VOA News: Education

    Recent: Turkish Parliament Approves Internet Crackdown
    The Turkish parliament has easily passed a measure that will tighten government controls on the Internet. …
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    MoJo Articles

    Recent: The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—Read It Here
    There's one main rule at the conservative donor conclaves held twice a year by Charles and David Koch at …
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    ProPublica: Articles and…

    Recent: Are You Etan Patz?
    by Joaquin Sapien The 30-year-old American man had set up a nice life for himself in Europe. He’d been …
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    The Economist: Daily news and …

    Recent: Don't charge to enlarge
    A STORY in the finance section this week looks at what has happened to microfinance interest rates. To …
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    Foreign Policy

    Recent: Throwing Their Weight Around - By Sergii Leshchenko
    President Yanukovych is losing his support among Ukraine's oligarchs -- and that could be the key to his
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    City Journal in Print, Summer …

    Recent: Meretricious Meets Meddlesome
    Meretricious Meets Meddlesome President Obama’s silly task force on campus sexual assault is wholly based …
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Technorati on World

Editorial: 12 Years of Fear (9/11 Never Forget)

by cebsilver on September 11, 2013 — On the 12th Anniversary of 9/11, we ask that you not remember the fear that gripped this nation, but rather honor the lives of those who died that day, as Americans.

Read the entire article